MISSED IT!!! Winner Takes All Comedy Club at The Showroom, Sheffield on Sunday 5th January

7 acts perform. Audience votes. Highest score wins £50. Boom. Plus the chance for audience members to win prizes of a meal for two and a bottle of wine. And it’s FREE ENTRY!!! SWEET!

Steve Goodall

Steve Goodall

And here are your acts -

Jared Shooter
‘A natural in the spotlight, warm, friendly, likeable, smiley and engaged with the audience throughout. He showed no sign of nerves and never once did the audience feel that he was out of his depth. Jared Shooter is definitely a shooting
star!’ – Derbyshire Times

Jared burst onto the comedy circuit in style in September 2012 by becoming runner up in Stagefright Comedys ‘Crooked Smile New Act Of The Year Awards’ in only his second gig at the age of 17!
Shooter’s presences on stage is key to his style, his energetic persona portrays life as a teenager discovering the adult world for the first time. In his material he describes his life experiences, relationships with family and friends and some observational humour mixed with clever one liners and witty anecdotes.

Callum Scott
“Undoubtedly an exhilarating new voice… Totally at ease on stage and with the most well-constructed set of the night” (Spoonfed)

“His Linguistic background provided him with a brilliant flare in storytelling. His sentences gained speed and momentum, and all the more laughs, as they unfolded to reveal a sharp wit and intelligent comedy.” (Leeds Student Paper)

Callum got into comedy after being kicked out of one too many heavy metal bands, and hasn’t looked back since. Gay and furious, he combines impotent rage with childlike awe and often painful truths. He is getting by the only way he knows how.

- Winner of Tickled Pig 2012
- Winner of Mr. Ben’s New Act of the Year 2012
- Paid writing work for Radio 4 – Sketch to be broadcast in Show What You Wrote

Jed Salisbury
“Jed Salisbury has a habit of being the funniest man on the stage. Energetic and hilarious, he was the perfect way to end the night” – Howl Comedy
“Jed is a great opener. He is worth every penny if you book him as either an opener, middle or closer. Jed has the energy to lift the room and the jokes to have it fall back down laughing. Jed’s playful and cheeky style will have any audience in the palm of his hand and from there he will have them itching for more, he would easily work his stuff on any bill on any night 5 stars from us” – Portion of Quips

Jed is a Hull-based comedian, who started on the comedy circuit in November 2009. His first gig was ‘The Art of Comedy Showcase’ which went on to win the best show of the 2009 Hull Comedy Festival and since then he has performed hundreds of gigs across the country. Jed has performed everywhere from bars and established comedy clubs to performing at festivals, he performed and compèred at East Yorkshire’s own TribFest in 2010 and also at Hull’s Freedom Festival 2010 – the biggest free arts event in Yorkshire. Jed made it to the 2010 C69 New Act final, the 2012 Laughing Horse Quarter Finals and placed second at the final of Hallam FM’s Grand Comedy Howler Competition 2011. Jed has also recently provided comedy warm up for BBC Radio 1’s Live in Hull weekend. As an act Jed has been pushing his way on to professional bills at comedy clubs around the country and has been performing as a solid opener and closer on less established events.
Jed has beaten and won gongs at Beat The Frog, Fun House Comedy and at Mr. Ben’s comedy club and performed on pro nights for C69, The Otherside Comedy, Buzz Comedy, Mr. Ben’s Comedy club, A Laugh In Stockport, Funhouse Comedy, Our Mothers Did ‘Ave ‘Em, Crunch Time Comedy, A Portion Of Quips, Giggles Live, Al Mac Presents, Oi Oi Comedy, Rib Ticklers, The Hull Comedy Festival, The Nottingham Comedy Festival and Kill For A Seat.

Ashley Butterfield
‘Engaging banter and direct delivery from a very promising performer’ – bbc.co.uk

Ross Brierley
‘A man seemingly full of positive energy firing off quick witted jokes one after another’ – bbc.co.uk

Infused with infectious energy, his confident delivery is complimented by an improvised style and well wrought gags. A finalist in the Hilarity Bites New Act of the Year competition.

Dave Rivers
‘Engaging wit with genuine storytelling skill’ – Comedy Review

Steve Goodall
‘He stormed the gig with well observed tales of parenting and unfortunate lookalikes delivered with an easy charm’ – bbc.co.uk.

No-nonsense Yorkshire wisdom from Lawrence Batley Theatre Comedy Cellar Best New Yorkshire Act 2012 and Crooked Smile Award 2013 winner.

Compere – Anthony J Brown

‘Hilarious ad-libs and wicked one-liners from an infectiously funny performer’ – The List

Clad in a sartorially edifying manner, like a dapper and dandy funeral director, Anthony cuts a unique on-stage presence with humour blacker than a raven that’s slammed it’s claw in a coffin lid. Jongleurs/Metro “Stand & Deliver” Award winner and former BBC New Comedy Award Runner-up he is a regular contributor to Radio 2′s “The Arthur Smith Lectures”. As seen on ‘The Stand Up Show’ and ‘Phoenix Nights’.

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