MISSED IT!!! Winner Takes All Comedy Club at The Showroom, Sheffield on Sunday 4th May

7 acts perform. Audience votes. Highest score wins £50. Boom. Plus the chance for audience members to win prizes of a meal for two and a bottle of wine.

Nicola James

Nicola James

Nicola James

‘Inventive material and onstage poise in abundance, Nicola is a sardonic treat’ – bbc.co.uk

If you’ve ever wanted to understand the psychology behind chintzy patterns and serial killers she’s the one to watch. She is a Sheffield based comedian who has quite rightly been described as ‘sweetly cynical’.

Wayne Beese
‘His deadpan persona and well-crafted stories show huge potential, and we definitely see him as one to watch out for in the coming years’ – Teknicolour Smoof
‘Love the deadpan style. If Tommy Cooper and Jack Dee could ever in any way have a lovechild, that lovechild would be Wayne Beese’ – Bolton FM
‘Deadpan and dead funny’ – Complete Comedy

Jim Kelly
‘Plenty of memorable gags’ – What’s On

Neil Irving
‘Entertaining observations on pop culture’ – bbc.co.uk

Dave Pollard
Punchline-packed patter on family, food and ex-pat living from an XXX-sized wit.

Ashley Butterfield
‘Engaging banter and intelligent delivery from a very promising performer’ – bbc.co.uk

Lindsay Ladhams
Surreal storytelling from a bewildered Mum and wannabe rocker.

S1 2BX

DOORS – Well, the bar opens at midday… SHOW – 8PM

ENTRY – FREE!!!!!!

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