MISSED IT!!! Winner Takes All Comedy Club at The Showroom, Sheffield on Sunday 1st December.

7 acts perform. Audience votes. Highest score wins £50. Boom. Plus the chance for audience members to win prizes of a meal for two and a bottle of wine. And it’s FREE ENTRY!!! SWEET!

Nick Parry

Nick Parry

And here are your acts -

Patrick Draper
Teknicolour Smoof 2012 Performer of the Year at Funhouse Comedy Club
5 times gong show winner Funhouse Comedy Club
3 times Champions gong finalist Frog and Bucket
2 times “Beat the Frog” winner

“He has won our gong shows 5 times. Very well written material with killer punchlines”
Spiky Mike, Funhouse Comedy Clubs

“An extremely unique brand of comedy. Patrick has nailed his persona and material from the off and has blown away every audience he has performed at for us, from our gong show to our two professional nights. He act can only be described as filthy but genius”
Roger Swift, Teknicolour Smoof

“He rolls along darkly humorous stories, each with a hint of sadness but even more amusement. Going at a continuous pace and relaying back and forth between pieces in his set, Ultimately, there can be only one winner, maybe the £50 will even make him smile a bit?”
Scorpio Promotions

Oliver Sillito
“A very promising new act. Great stage presence” – BBC online

Sean Morley
“It cannot be denied that Sean Morley is funny. His bizarre parallels of surrealism and sharp wit create a unique brand of comedy that draws a packed out room of punters” – Forge Press
“His humour is refreshing and as he speaks it feels like you’re getting a cheeky peek into the weird and wonderful workings of his mind” – Postcode Gazette
“Sean Morley is a leftfield treat. Lobbing surreal observations into the audience. Watching to see which explode and which don’t. Most do” – Sheffield Telegraph
“Sean Morley has a charmingly wry take on the world – A top show in all” – Sheffield Star
“Sean Morley’s low-key, self-effacing style was exactly the kind of emollient the audience needed.” -Vada Magazine
“Sean Morley is a favourite with Yorkshire’s Comedy audiences” – Sheffield Theatres
“Pythonesque blend of witty wordplay and silly surrealism” – Three Weeks
“Darkly funny and brilliantly absurd” – Arts in Leicester

Nicola James
“Inventive material and onstage poise in abundance, Nicola is a sardonic treat” – bbc.co.uk

She is a Sheffield based comedian who has quite rightly been described as ‘sweetly cynical’.
Nathan Wood
Effortless effervescence from a gregarious Geordie currently making a name for himself at a variety of Northern gigs.
Nick Parry
‘Stalking the stage in a charcoal suit and delivering finely honed, caustic one-liners with a panache many a comedy circuit regular would be eager to emulate. We’ve definitely not heard the last of him’ – Huddersfield Examiner

Ribticklers Award Winner and Crooked Smile runner-up. Dark humour par excellence.

James Billington
“Wry observations and clever wordplay from an accomplished stand-up” – Comedy Review
Dronfield ‘Winner Takes All’ winner.


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